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mizzdizz - Jan 23, 2018 2:30pm, #270250

Get me a cup of coffee, and I can do 4 lines! ROTFL!!!!

mizzdizz - Jan 23, 2018 2:26pm, #270249


mizzdizz - Jan 22, 2018 9:57pm, #270247

Hi fluffy bunny! Cruising the archives! 5 skunks for that pun! I can't believe nobody got it! Laughed so hard I farted!

mizzdizz - Jan 21, 2018 8:03pm, #270245

Well, if he did, nobody heard him! 5L!

mizzdizz - Jan 21, 2018 8:02pm, #270244

Yet another good poster with that sign! There's been several, both here and elsewhere. Good 1 JW!

mizzdizz - Jan 21, 2018 8:00pm, #270243

I'm a 'tweenie'! (1959-1963) I got both!

mizzdizz - Jan 21, 2018 7:58pm, #270242

Hee-hee-hee haw, haw, haw.....Corn County! That's diggin' in the ole archives!

mizzdizz - Jan 18, 2018 11:41pm, #270241

Go ahead, JW! That's the list of the most deadly. The big tarantulas are in AZ. We got the small ones. We have others, but they aren't as well known and not as toxic. Yes, a funny but dark poster. I agree! I'm kinda busy right now!

mizzdizz - Jan 17, 2018 8:18am, #270236

Upvote because I like burning the house down to kill a spider jokes. We have tarantulas, black widows, brown recluse, scorpions... we don't have the biggest spiders, but ours are out to kill you verrrrry slowly!

mizzdizz - Jan 14, 2018 2:12pm, #270227

The dark duck has retuurrrned! This is actually pretty cheerful for you, Sho! Good one!

mizzdizz - Jan 3, 2018 11:17am, #270215


mizzdizz - Dec 28, 2017 9:30pm, #270173

Thanks, little fluffbunny! Not very many people have noticed the details! HAHAHAHA!

mizzdizz - Dec 27, 2017 6:45am, #270166

Thanks, JW! I've been cruising the back pages myself!

mizzdizz - Dec 25, 2017 11:57am, #270156

Same to you!

mizzdizz - Dec 25, 2017 11:54am, #270155

Thanks, JW!

mizzdizz - Dec 23, 2017 6:38pm, #270152

OOOOOOO!!!!! I smell a conspiracy of secrets! Bwahahahaha! The Silent Society of The Motifake! Sounds like a Dan Brown novel! (DaVinci Code, etc.)

mizzdizz - Dec 23, 2017 6:22pm, #270150

When talking business, Q-1 is usually the 1st quarter (Jan-Mar) If he's talking about it now, it MAY be Jan 1. I'm TOTALLY guessing though. I'm not on his contact list.

mizzdizz - Dec 23, 2017 6:05pm, #270148

When's the last day for 'Fake?

mizzdizz - Dec 23, 2017 1:53pm, #270145

Thanks, JW!

mizzdizz - Dec 23, 2017 3:18am, #270141

(not supposed to laugh...snort..burst out laughing...) you can always put a raw steak or ice on that shiner! Whichever's handiest! HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Next time, just THINK it real loud, silly bunny! 1 advantage of being a chick, I just get called a biyatch!

mizzdizz - Dec 22, 2017 12:26pm, #270133

If he's just sitting there and you give a good hard downward tug on his feet....looks like about a 4 ft drop...

mizzdizz - Dec 21, 2017 9:55am, #270130

....usually the guy! chuckle, chuckle... ^!!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 21, 2017 9:53am, #270129

HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! LUUUUUV This!!!! ^!!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 21, 2017 9:51am, #270128

Not my favorite flower. I like the fact that Hitler recommended it.. chuckle, chuckle....^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 21, 2017 9:48am, #270127

HAHAhahaha! ...or you could give it a good downward yank....

mizzdizz - Dec 19, 2017 8:58am, #270121

Lookin' forward to it, adorable little fluff bunny! Oh wait...macho.... lookin' forward to it, you jackalope!

mizzdizz - Dec 19, 2017 8:53am, #270120

You're doin' better than me! I'm jealous! chuckle, chuckle...

mizzdizz - Dec 19, 2017 8:51am, #270119

Wolverines? Cooooooool! I always enjoy a good tall tale! Chuckle, chuckle...

mizzdizz - Dec 19, 2017 8:46am, #270118

A touch dark, Calron! Excellent! ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 18, 2017 2:49am, #270105

Moooooo, make some of your fabulous dark posters! PLEEEAAASE!!!!! I miss them! Too much sugar without the lemon is just plain nauseating! Got to have the sour to make the sweet taste good! My bubblegum only works when its played against the serious.

mizzdizz - Dec 18, 2017 2:41am, #270104

What can I say? These are all fabulous!!!! I hope you stick around! ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 18, 2017 2:39am, #270103

You still got it! This is fabulous! ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 18, 2017 2:36am, #270102

AHHhhhhhhh!!!!! Another excellent poster!!!!! Some meat so you don't choke on the fluff that I make! An enthusiastic ^!!!!! Excellent!

mizzdizz - Dec 18, 2017 2:33am, #270101

SEAN? Welcome back, little bunny!!!!! I've seen your stuff in the archives! So glad you're back!!!! This is AWESOME, as usual! I agree with Moooooo, but these days I have to vote ^!!!!! LUV IT!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 17, 2017 6:24am, #270092

....if you can afford one and your neighbor doesn't steal it! chuckle, chuckle...

mizzdizz - Dec 16, 2017 11:18am, #270088

Yup! That's a good one! chuckle, chuckle....

mizzdizz - Dec 16, 2017 11:06am, #270086

HAHAHAHA! Only if you don't pay it!

mizzdizz - Dec 16, 2017 10:55am, #270084

HAHAHA! STAIRS!!!!!! I was in the kitchen, coffee in 1 hand, spoon of sugar in the other. I saved the coffee, but the damage I did getting to the front door where the flashlight was, was pretty impressive! chuckle, chuckle...

mizzdizz - Dec 13, 2017 4:07pm, #270081

HAHAHAHA! As long as that's not 6 feet across.... ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 13, 2017 4:04pm, #270080

HAHAHAHAHA!!! FOOL!!! ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 13, 2017 4:03pm, #270079

Req, your sense of humor is deadly! This is great!!!^!

mizzdizz - Dec 13, 2017 4:01pm, #270078

Alice Cooper! BWAHAHA!!!!! ^!

mizzdizz - Dec 13, 2017 4:00pm, #270077

Good one, Prissy! ^!!!! I'll PM later JW!

mizzdizz - Dec 13, 2017 3:57pm, #270075

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! Too true! ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Dec 13, 2017 3:56pm, #270074

^!!!! Good 1 Priss! HAHAHAHA!!!! Excellent take on an old favorite saying!

mizzdizz - Oct 12, 2017 10:07am, #269943

SAIL? I'll pass! oh....but the visual! Some spelling mistakes are golden!!! Well DONE 'Cern! Much funnier than the intended!!! ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Oct 9, 2017 8:59pm, #269942

I had 1 of each! Girls are mouthier! My daughter and son-in-law are entering The Torture. I get off the phone with her and laaaaaugh and laaaaugh ..... Their girl is doing the same schist she did! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

mizzdizz - Oct 9, 2017 1:47pm, #269940

...especially if he has teenagers! chuckle, chuckle..

mizzdizz - Oct 8, 2017 1:17pm, #269939

Why of course! You know you luv it! chuckle, chuckle.... Thanks, JW!

mizzdizz - Oct 8, 2017 8:20am, #269936

Thanks, Cern!

mizzdizz - Sep 21, 2017 11:12am, #269921

Thanks, JW! I'll still be in and out for awhile yet, but I'll drop in and leave a brain dropping when I can. ('brain dropping' respectfully stolen from George Carlin)

mizzdizz - Sep 19, 2017 8:29am, #269919

Endless gallons of Dr. Pepper flowing through the deep, dark, innards of the computers of all grammar Nazis!

mizzdizz - Aug 23, 2017 7:01am, #269874

Yes, especially if its wood!

mizzdizz - Jul 14, 2017 3:45am, #269768

Excellent, Push! ^!

mizzdizz - Jul 14, 2017 3:43am, #269767

Raising the ole coffee cup to that!!!! ^!

mizzdizz - Jul 14, 2017 3:43am, #269766

Raising the ole coffee cup to that!!!! ^!

mizzdizz - Jul 12, 2017 11:31pm, #269762

True, true! I got a big ole Grizz that keeps nibblin' on my ast off n on. ..... Sometimes you eat the bear... ya know Cynic, that'd make a great poster!

mizzdizz - Jul 12, 2017 4:02am, #269756

Darn cellphone cameras! I was hoping nobody saw that! ^!

mizzdizz - Jul 10, 2017 6:25am, #269737

The only way to wear leggings unless you have an iron bod? A long loose shirt! They show EVERYTHING! This is a fashion FELONY!!!! ^!!!!!

mizzdizz - Jul 10, 2017 6:20am, #269736

(eeeeevil chuckle....) now I can make a 'men!' poster without worrying about the snowflakes! hehehehehe!

mizzdizz - Jul 10, 2017 6:17am, #269735

Welcome back, Cynic! Missed your biting humor! ^!

mizzdizz - Jul 9, 2017 10:54am, #269723

Thanks, Toys! Local bar, good friends, all creative types so a bit odd, black a real popular color, humor a bit dark and twisted, I can relate.... juuuuust a wee bit!

mizzdizz - Jul 7, 2017 8:06am, #269716

SNORT...... choke.....sputter..... BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Saw this with my morning coffee today! VERY FUNNY, Cern! I needed a good laugh, and you delivered. Thanks Cern!^!

mizzdizz - Jul 7, 2017 12:18am, #269713

Who HASN'T wanted to say that?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!

mizzdizz - Jul 7, 2017 12:15am, #269712


mizzdizz - Jul 7, 2017 12:13am, #269711

Hi Toys! The poster is VERY well made! Unfortunately, other than understanding that it has something to do with Cannibalism, I don't understand it. Hopefully several people do understand so you get a nice upvote count for it! Really nice poster!

mizzdizz - Jul 3, 2017 12:55pm, #269692

Thanks, Cern!, chuckle,chuckle...

mizzdizz - Jul 3, 2017 2:45am, #269689

It certainly carries a punch!

mizzdizz - Jul 2, 2017 4:58am, #269686

There's quite a few guys on this site that have good taste! chuckle, chuckle.....

mizzdizz - Jul 2, 2017 4:55am, #269685

My communicator is MUCH cooler than Capt. Kirk's!!!! ^!

mizzdizz - Jul 2, 2017 4:53am, #269684

Who, ME? NEVAH!!!!! Luuuv this!! Good job Silvy! ^!

mizzdizz - Jul 1, 2017 2:19pm, #269678

Hey, Everybody! Silvy made a challenge calendar! Different topic every day. Its on forum. Just check the topic for the day and make a poster and submit it the usual way. Use it for an idea when your brain's run dry, or the challenge of an assigned topic.

mizzdizz - Jun 30, 2017 8:41am, #269676

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I know someone that you don't want to be anywhere near him when he's been chugging those high octane energy drinks! Good one, Yuk-yuk! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 29, 2017 3:28am, #269674

Yuk????? or have I been reading too much Anne McCaffery????? Welcome back little dragon! Put all the short stocky people in the back row so the other team can't see them! hehehehehe.... ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 27, 2017 1:17pm, #269672

Oh RL!!!!!! That's HORRIBLE!!!!! LUV IT! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 27, 2017 1:15pm, #269671

Another good one, RL! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 27, 2017 1:12pm, #269670

Very true! I live in California. We have to deal with this. Well put! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 27, 2017 1:10pm, #269669

Well done, RL! Of course the Paramedics are standing by....^!

mizzdizz - Jun 27, 2017 1:07pm, #269668

D.O.M., why of COURSE! Gotta do that body cavity search too! HAHAHAHAHAHA!

mizzdizz - Jun 27, 2017 1:05pm, #269667

OWOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! He is FINE!!!!!!! Thanks, Cern! I always enjoy a little eye candy with my coffee! The text? Purrrrrrfect! LUUUUUUV IT!!!!!! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 26, 2017 8:54am, #269660

Too TRUE!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!! Good 1 Cern! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 24, 2017 7:58pm, #269657

....and returning 'Nevermore'! Good one, JW! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 23, 2017 11:10am, #269656

Thanks Cern!

mizzdizz - Jun 23, 2017 12:09am, #269648

I'm being multicultural? Chuckle, chuckle...

mizzdizz - Jun 23, 2017 12:08am, #269647

You can have her! She's terrible! I didn't even noticed she had left.. chuckle, chuckle... Thanks, JW!

mizzdizz - Jun 22, 2017 7:19am, #269643

Talk about 'honesty in advertising'! HAHAHAHAHA! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 22, 2017 6:40am, #269641

Thanks, guys! I made this on the Poster Evolution thread. Silvy provided the pic. I slapped one of my favorite sayings on it. Come play! If you have any questions, or need help making the thread work, just ask. Its fun!!!!

mizzdizz - Jun 21, 2017 3:02pm, #269637

Thanks guys! RL, it's Silvy, JW, and myself right now. Tis a silly group! Come join in!

mizzdizz - Jun 20, 2017 3:46pm, #269633

HAHAHAHAHA! Good one, Cern! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 19, 2017 7:31pm, #269629

Cern! Fabulous return! Awesome as always! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 18, 2017 10:33pm, #269628

Bumps the paycheck a bit! WOOHOO!!!!! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 18, 2017 10:30pm, #269627

You should get hazardous duty pay when you have to shop at the PX/commissary! Those Dependas are dangerous! and of course.....WALMART!!! LOL! ^!

mizzdizz - Jun 16, 2017 5:07am, #269623

We keep things clean and tidy around here! chuckle, chuckle

mizzdizz - Jun 14, 2017 10:51pm, #269620

You wouldn't have to deal with those British tourists that prove the stereotype, would you? Most of them are pretty cool, but CA. is an international tourist trap. We get plenty of the truly rude ones too, and they are RUDE!!!!!

mizzdizz - Jun 14, 2017 10:46pm, #269619

Worked with the Brits for about 6 mos. a loooong time ago. When I get truly frustrated, I will still say, "Oh bloody 'ell!" Its catchy and expressive!

mizzdizz - Jun 14, 2017 2:17am, #269615

I take it you Brits are about to top our "Hold my beer" Presidential election? By the way, what do Brits say, "Hold my tea.", "Hold my ale"? Seriously, is there an equivalent?

mizzdizz - Jun 12, 2017 7:19pm, #269611

Glad to provide the uh motivation, Cern! Thanks! Make some posters! I miss your stuff!

mizzdizz - Jun 12, 2017 7:15pm, #269610

Too bad they were continually abused by a bunch of emotionally underdeveloped primitive types. I miss knowing if my poster was a 3, 4 or 5. I could tell how much I needed to improve. Such is life.

mizzdizz - Jun 12, 2017 7:11pm, #269609

Don't run from the cops? Why? Its great motivation to run faster!

mizzdizz - Jun 11, 2017 4:47pm, #269604

Any excuse to make a batch of Rusty's secret ingredient chili! chuckle, chuckle.... Funny fart jokes/stories on Off Topic? Interesting idea...... (thinking.......)